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an image of comic book covers with caption that reads, notable black pantherers throughout wakanan history
Previous version of this pic was very light on info concerning recent Black Panthers. Fixed that! #legacy #blackpanther #shuri #tchalla…
two different movie posters with the names of each film characters and their respective characters in gold letters
atlas of bone
four different avatars are shown in this series
Black Panther cast collage by Ramon Nunez.
Black Panther cast collage by Ramon Nunez.
a drawing of a man and woman hugging
T'Challa and Ororo
the emblem for an upcoming video game is shown in this image, which appears to be made out of glass
Black Panther Insignia. #marvel #marvelcinematicuniverse #wakanda #vibranium #tchalla #blackpanther #insignia
a black and white photo with an image of a man in a mask on it
Killmonger's last lines “Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors who jumped from ships, cause they knew death was better than bondage.” Killmonger's final line was so powerful and you could tell Michael B. Jordan gave it his all. Initially, I thought Ryan Coogler and the Marvel team would keep him around for a sequel, but they took him right out. You could truly feel his pain and understand where he was coming from, which made the scene even more emotional.
a black panther sitting on top of a chair in front of a stained glass window