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a pair of wooden chairs sitting on top of a hard wood floor
A DIY Contraption for Height-Adjustable Drill Press Outfeed Support - Core77
Tell me if you've been in this situation: 1. You need to put holes in a very long workpiece using your drill press. 2. You find clamping the piece to the bed impractical or impossible. 3. You decide that rigging up proper-height outfeed support is too time-consuming.
a jar with the words i'm bored on it and an image of a jar
Are the kids bored? Not anymore with the I'm Bored Jar Printable!
Are you sick of hearing "I'm Bored"? Check out this bright and fun Bored Jar. Half simple chores (designed for kids ages 4-10) and half fun, imaginative play ideas, plus some blanks for you to fill in your own (based on your child's age and interests)! Come grab your FREE PRINTABLE!
four pictures of different colored spirals on a white surface
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Terra-Cotta BBQ Smoker
Terra-Cotta BBQ Smoker
a black and white poster with text on it that says,'we are all in this
Excellent advice. Would make a good printout to read often.
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts and how they are used to fly
Start A Fire
The golden ratio should not need any introduction to those who have studied math and design in school. Some designers apply these mathematical concepts to come up with more visually appealing works. This infographic from companyfolders.com covers a few golden ratio facts:
DIY camp stove!
DIY camp stove!
the back end of a van with its doors open and seats folded up in blue tarp
A - boot jump with screens & water bottle & Origo 3000 cooker
A - boot jump with screens & water bottle, Amdro Alternative Camper Conversions
a black light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room with a chain attached to it
Lamp Lampje, uniek en sfeervol handgemaakt design - Mr.Bright One on a Rope
Lamp Lampje, uniek en sfeervol handgemaakt design - KlimLampje Solo