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a city street at night with cherry blossoms on the trees and buildings in the background
many different colored flowers in a garden
the power lines are high in the sky above the trees and bushes on the side of the road
a room filled with lots of furniture and pink walls
Bluey and Bingo Heeler's Bedroom
Bluey and Bingo's bedroom is a recurring setting in the Heeler family's house. It has appeared in many episodes of Bluey. Bluey and Bingo's room includes a door to the second-floor verandah, a ledge running along the wall above the head of the beds with a ladder for access, a skylight, and a round leadlight. The room is furnished with two twin beds, a bookcase, a watermelon-patterened rug, a himalayan salt lamp, paper lanterns, and a pair of mobiles. A plumeria tree blooms outside their ...
an animated house with trees and clouds in the background
a cartoon house in the middle of a park with lots of trees and bushes around it
Background design & paint in 'Bluey' style | The Rookies
an animated image of some rocks and plants
three cartoon cats laying in the grass near a fence