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10 Proven Types Of Leadership Styles: What's Yours? - Growth Tactics

Are you a manager, supervisor, or just a person trying to improve your leadership skills? Learn these 10 common types of leadership styles to boost your skills.

Employee Recognition | MTM Recognition | Employee Appreciation

Staff Morale Booster - You've Been Sacked

This resource is a great way to show staff appreciation and boost morale. We all know how teachers can get burnt out. In this staff activity, colleagues can share fun treats and goodies with each other anonymously to help each other feel valued and bring joy to someone's day!Enjoy!!!If you like this...

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11 Things the Best Bosses Do

How to be a good boss? Copy these qualities, habits, and plain-old good policies that top managers live by.

Staff Easter Egg Hunt Activity - Sunshine Committee Activity

Motivate staff members this crazy time of the school year with an activity that's designed just for them! This Easter Egg Hunt is one that can be customized to meet the needs of the staff in your building. It's perfect for Social Committees, Sunshine Committees or just a few coworkers getting togeth...

School Climate - Building Community

If you read forums for teachers, job satisfaction surveys, or listen to conversation in the teachers’ lounge you will often hear a common theme in the complaints of teachers. Teachers who are unhappy feel unappreciated and unrecognized for their hard work. Although a raise would put a smile on teachers everywhere, this may not be possible with the current state of economics. Have you read Malcom Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point? One of the examples he gives in his book is the NYC subway…

The Top 50 Compliments for Coworkers

How to say something positive about a coworker when you don't know what to write or say. Use these 50 example phrases to write a meaningful and memorable message to show your appreciation.

Cheers For Peers! Build Community at Your School! {Templates, Trackers, Letters}

Build community and culture at your school! These CHEERS FOR PEERS frame templates will encourage your colleagues and staff members to recognize the great things about each other! These cheers for peers sticky notes will encourage others to appreciate leaders, sharing great ideas, helping another co...

Boosting Staff Morale

We all know that a workplace with great culture, is one that everyone wants to be a part of. A happy and supportive workplace also contributes towards the wellbeing of those that work there, which is vital in this day and age. Schools can be inspirational and fun places or they can be plagued with negativity (I’ve expe

You've Been Mugged - Staff Morale Boost

This resource is a great way to show staff appreciation and morale. We all know how much teachers L-O-V-E their coffee and tea. In this staff activity, colleagues can share adorable mugs filled with goodies with each other anonymously to help each feel valued and bring joy to someone's day! Enjoy!!!

Give a compliment on National Compliment Day

https://www.eukhost.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Compliment-Day_2.png Let's compliment someone who deserves one on #NationalComplimentDay

Staff Countdown to Holiday Break

Make the crazy days of December better for everyone.