one of the best chest tattoos I've seen, anyone know the artist?

A chest piece with intricate lace, roses and a stunning focal heart. The entire piece is meticulously detailed and the red roses pop while intertwined within the ornate black ink.


mare-mortuum: I hate it when people ask me this question ‘don’t you regret getting all these tattoos? i will never. why would i regret something, that only brings back memories of a period in my life when i was able to do the things that i enjoy.

Flor de Loto mandala

Flor de Loto

Lotus flower back tattoo

Tattoo by Dodie

feminine-phoenix-tattoo-on-arm. Cool variation on the phoenix with lace detail. I like how there is black and white detailing along with color.Emblazened red feathers gives nice burning effect


Sugar Skulls and roses half sleeve.


Want a paisley tattoo so bad! And the skull is awesome :D so pretty!

By Megan Massacre

A beautiful tattoo done by Megan Massacre.