Martina Stoessel and Mercedes Lambre

Martina Stoessel (Violetta) et Mercedes Lambre (Ludmila) ♥ - Le coin des filles ♥

El vestido de Martina Stoessel, lo más polémico de los Martín Fierro

I like some strange mode and I like the mode of Martina so you were clothes what you like because that is your style.

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Dani is a loud steamroller of a girl who is completely herself and happy with her life (She will completely sell her soul to get a pic of Thor dressed up in a wedding dress just fyi).

Martina Stoessel,I really Like what She Did here with her hair!

Martina Stoessel comenzo su formación artística desde muy chica, realizando estudios de canto, comedia musical, piano, baile y teatro.

You should know this girl she is amazing. She is tini. You know she's good at singin and everything you cold also. I love tini!