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a painting of a woman with a drink in her hand and a backpack on her shoulder
a cartoon character holding a pink object in her hand
a drawing of an angel with long hair and black wings, flying through the air
Junyi Wu: Photo
an illustration of a woman with two birds on her shoulder and one bird flying above her head
The Art of Kaka
two women dressed in black and white, one is holding a large piece of paper
a black and white drawing of a woman in long dress with her arms out, standing
More Sketchies
a drawing of two women dressed in costumes
two cartoon girls standing next to each other
Doodles !
various poses and expressions for an animation character
two cartoon characters, one with an angry look on her face and the other without
the concept art for disney's princess and the frog
Emily by indigofox on DeviantArt
Emily by indigofox on deviantART