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a glass container filled with lots of different types of food next to two spoons
Freeze the summer with ice flakes
It’s neither a parfait, nor a sherbet. It’s “bingsu,” ice flakes with various toppings, which is a dessert favorite in Korea during the summer season.
a piece of cake with raspberries on top in a basket sitting on a table
台湾のかき氷を上品にするとこんな感じ?:広尾・船橋屋こよみ - トーキョーウジキントキ(かき氷専門ブログ)
an advertisement for some kind of dessert with different toppings on it's tray
老舗コラボ「珈琲かき氷」ミカド珈琲×船橋屋☆ふわっと大人味は広尾限定♪ | さわあこのラジオ日記
two bowls filled with ice cream and fruit
I've been reincarnated into another world as a witch
19 year old college student Riley Delton, somewhat ridiculously meet… #fantasy #Fantasy #amreading #books #wattpad
an ice cream sundae with berries in it
Caffe Bene @ Solaris Mont Kiara | Malaysian Flavours
Delicious Strawberry Bingsu at Caffee Bene #koreandessert #dessert #caffebene #strawberry #solarismontkiara
a person pours green tea into a bowl filled with beans and broccoli
スイーツ番長『神楽坂 茶寮@茶寮特選抹茶かき氷嵐山、抹茶とミルクプリンの和パフェ』
神楽坂 茶寮@茶寮特選抹茶かき氷嵐山、抹茶とミルクプリンの和パフェ | スイーツ番長 DOLCE VITA~男のスイーツ SINCE 2007
an advertisement for japanese cuisine with two bowls filled with different types of food in it
色彩王道!颜高味美甜点海报 - 优优教程网 - 自学就上优优网 - UiiiUiii.com
there are many different types of desserts in the glass on the table, including ice cream and fruit
Chỉ là tiệc #hàihước # Hài Hước # amreading # books # wattpad
three different types of ice creams in small containers on a table with sticks sticking out of them
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two bowls filled with different types of ice cream
Cận cảnh Bingsu - món ăn Hàn quốc hot nhất hiện nay ở Sài Gòn
there are many desserts on display in the glass
[美食冰品] 超人氣不私藏特搜10大冰品,到了秋冬還是愛吃冰特輯♥ @ 老虎狗♪♡ⓣⓘⓖⓔⓡⓓⓞⓖ♡♪ :: 痞客邦 PIXNET ::
a dessert dish with two scoops of ice cream and nuts in it, sitting on top of a table
Pat Bingsu: summer dessert with shaved ice and sweet red bean
two white bowls filled with fruit and marshmallows
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two cups with ice cream and fruit on them, one has an orange slice in it
この夏食べたい! 最旬かき氷コレクションBest 10