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a german poster with the words je desto and an image of a seagull
Der Doppelkonnektor "je ... desto" ist für einige von euch sicher nicht leicht zu verstehen. Auf lernt ihr, wann und wie ihr "je ... desto" verwenden könnt.
a poster with different types of birds in german
Vögel 🦅🦉🦚🦜 - Vocabulario alemán
¡Las aves son criaturas fascinantes! Hoy quiero mostrarte los nombres de algunas aves en alemán. ¿Cuál es tu favorita?
the german language is written in different languages on a white circle with icons and symbols around it
a poster with different types of bugs and insects on it's back side, in german
the german language has been changed to include an orange and black flag, which is also in
an old man is talking to a young boy with two speech bubbles above him that say,
Preguntas en #Alemán
a poster with different types of bathroom items in german, english and french words on it
an iphone screen with german words on it and the sun setting in the sky behind
the words in different languages are arranged into a circular shape, with one word below it
the german language has been used to describe what things are in this country and how many people
a poster with instructions on how to use the german language for children's learning
Willkommen auf Deutsch - Nach dem Weg fragen
an image of a cartoon character puzzle
Wer arbeitet wo?
a poster with different types of clothing and shoes on it's sides, including the names
German Clothes Printable Flashcards