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a bronze statue of a man with his arm raised
Bronze statuette of a dancing Lar | Roman | Imperial | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a marble bust of a man with his eyes closed and hair in the air, against a black background
Roman-Portrait Head of Emperor Augustus, crowned with a laur
an old clay vase sitting on top of a table
Archeologia in Vendita in Asta Online - Catawiki
two busts of women on display in a museum
The Emperor Tiberius and his mother Livia
a bust of a man wearing a head scarf
Roman bust of Mark Agrippa . The object was found in Capri, Italy. Dated for 40-20 BC.[475x646]
a black and white photo of a statue of a man with a headdress
Geta (209-211)
a bronze statue of a man holding a child
a white marble bust of a man with curly hair and beard wearing a scarf around his neck
the interior of a building with columns and people
Giovanni Paolo Panini (Piacenza 1691-1765 Rome) , The interior of the Pantheon, Rome, looking north from the main altar towards the entrance, the Piazza della Rotonda beyond | Christie's
an old mosaic depicting the birth of jesus
an old bronze head with curls on it
Bronze head of a mature Roman woman.
a statue of a man's head on display in a museum
an ancient statue of a man with braids on his head