Use the oval punch.Such pretty pink petals on this handmade Farewell card. Add some pretty shapes and pearls to a nice shade of green and you have a great card.

Love the color

A ink doodle I had completed previously now in colour. I used Copics and Steadtler Triplus Liners. I think I need to fill the white in with a light yellow perhaps, I 'll need to buy a new pen for that so it'll have to wait till payday.

Caja reciclada contenedora de toallas y repasadores. Contacto l http://nestorcarrarasrl.wordpress.com/contactenos/ Néstor P. Carrara S.R.L l ¡En su 35° aniversario!


DIY Jute Basket from Cardboard Box.now if I could just find an empty tissue box in this house that hasn't already been destroyed.

watercolor doodles case- iPhone 4s

watercolor doodles case- iPhone 4s