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a bedroom with blue walls, white bedding and lots of plants in the corner
A Designer's Checklist of Things to Consider When Decorating a Bedroom
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two pictures one shows an umbrella and the other shows someone using scissors to cut paper
How To Make a Cocktail Umbrella Lantern
The Etsy Blog's How-Tuesday videos are always a treat, and this week they feature what may be the perfect summer project: how to make a beautiful summer lantern out of cocktail umbrellas! (You know, the ones that come with your strawberry daiquiri.) Check out the video tutorial below.
Handmade DIY pipe cleaner daisy flowers
some flowers are growing in blue pots on the steps
Staircase Decorated with Flower Pots, Santa Fe, New Mexico Print Wall Art By Nancy & Steve Ross -
DIY Paper Floral Crown
DIY Confetti Tray
DIY Egg Carton Mushrooms
some wooden pallets sitting in the grass and on top of each other with pillows
8 Creative Up-cycled Pallet Ideas For The Garden - Container Water Gardens
wicker baskets with the words 9 items to always buy at ikea on them
What To Buy At Ikea
a bed frame sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a window with the words how to spray paint a metal bed frame
How To Paint a Metal Bed Frame