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a woman sitting in a chair with a laptop on her lap and the words, what to expect? a look at our brand design process
What to Expect: The Studio's Brand Design Process
Wondering what happens along the brand development journey? If you're on the cusp on branding your business with a professional and want an inside look at what you can expect to happen, this blog helps guide you every step of the way. I walk you through the step-by-step branding sequence that takes us from brand discovery to brand launch!
a brochure with the words, brand strategy framework for service - based small businesses
The Brand Strategy Framework for Service Providers
The Strategic Brand Planner includes 6 brand development workbooks with over 200 brand development questions designed by a brand strategist. The workbooks are your simple brand development steps that will become the foundation for your next, more profitable chapter of your business. Start planning your brand foundation with The Strategic Brand Planner!
the book cover for the brand planner
Brand Strategy Planner for Small Business Owners
The Strategic Brand Planner is the brand strategy framework every small business owner needs to succeed. Includes 6 brand planning workbooks, each focused on a different element of your brand foundation: 1. Brand Foundations 2. Understanding Your Audience 3. Market Distinction 4. Positioning Your Brand 5. Brand Personality 6. Market Like a Brand For those online businesses who are eager to start experiencing real growth, this is the best place to start. Get the Strategic Brand Planner to strengthen your brand and marketing from here on out.
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Wondering how to Brand Yourself? Personal branding has never been easier or more affordable
This Brand Identity Masterclass offers all startup businesses, online businesses, and personal brands alike the easiest method for branding yourself. In just 80-minutes you'll learn designer secrets that help you communicate your brand personality, professionalism, and distinguish your brand. The 20-page interactive workbook helps you visualize the characteristics that will make the biggest impact in attracting your ideal clients and customers. Take this masterclass today and start making sales tomorrow!
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Improve your Marketing with this Brand Messaging Framework
Four strategies to strengthen your brand messaging and increase conversions. As a brand strategist, I create brand messaging basics for my clients. To help you with your own brand messaging, follow these four writing prompts and challenges from my Brand Messaging Framework Series—your audience will be grateful for it. This is part one, Clarifying your Message, of two in the Brand Messaging Framework Series.
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a book with the words, so you're officially starting a business? find out what you need to do today to avoid
Starting a Business? Learn How to avoid a Future Rebrand
Rebrands are a rite of passage but if you can start with a plan to avoid a rebrand from day one, your branding efforts are likely to last! Starting a business, you want to make it count. Adopt these ways of brand thinking to create a brand experience today that evolves naturally as your business does.
a woman walking down the street with her foot in the air and text that reads, what
Solopreneurs in Business: Before you brand yourself, learn what to do to avoid a future rebrand
For real online business success as a solopreneur, it's best to do things wisely. To avoid a future rebrand, there are certain strategies you can follow when starting a business that will set you up for a natural evolution of your brand and business. In the early stages of starting a business? Read this first!
a poster with the words marketing tip for small business
Marketing Tip for Small businesses and brands
Increasing conversions through your marketing as a small business requires many things. But one is far easier than the rest: RELATABILITY. How are you strategizing and optimizing your marketing to increase your relatability factor with your audience? Read how to
Lead Magnet Template FREE for Coaches with ideas Coaching, Ideas, Online Coaching, Online Coaching Business, Email List, Coaching Business
Lead Magnet Template FREE for Coaches
If you're a business coach and are just starting your online coaching business, you need a lead magnet funnel. Start with these lead magnet ideas for coaches and then use my FREE lead magnet template for Canva to create an easy opportunity for your ideal clients to join your email list. These lead magnet ideas are email list friendly and the best way to grow your business.
phases of entrepreneurship compared to educational journey Female Entrepreneur Association, Entrepreneurship, Pinterest Marketing, Grad School
Phases of entrepreneurship and growing a business
The entrepreneurial journey is akin to our educational journey. First, you start out like a grade school student—just doing the thing you love because you love it. Then, you get to high school where you rebel from the thing you love and decide to get a practical job instead. Eventually, you leave the nest and do a lot of self-discovery and experimentation where you finally end up in Grad School, this is where you get serious, write a thesis (aka business plan) and follow your heart.
4 pieces of business advice for new entrepreneurs and freelancers Social Media, Small Business, Media, Brand Building
Business advice for new entrepreneurs and freelancers just starting a business
4 nuggets of wisdom for new businesses: 1. Don’t rush into anything too quickly. Your business will evolve a lot in the beginning as you find your footing. 2. Have a clear vision for your business so you can act intentionally towards something. 3. Focus on laying your foundation. There are specific building blocks that will support your growth over time. 4. Have patience. Good things take time and commitment.
an info sheet with the words how to get client leads from instagramm and do this instead
Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners. Instagram Tips For Business. Lead Generation Marketing.
5 lessons I’ve learned as a service based solopreneur
As a service based business owner snd personal brand here is my business advice to you: 1. The best things happen outside your comfort zone 2. Boundaries and contracts will save you 3. Great storytelling will encourage action 4. Trial and error is part if everyones process—dont be afraid to fail 5. You can only do it solo for so long
Advice for new businesses, startups, and emerging small businesses
the four tools to spy on your competitors info sheet is shown in black and white
4 Tools To Spy On Your Competitors