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Outstanding makeup 💋 Favorite?
credit: @mimles on Instagram
a woman sitting on a subway train with her face covered by an animal's head
Face Hugger Face Warmer! #KnittedItHQ #knit
a black and white photo with text on it that reads,'eternal darkness beyond silent screams
24 Creepy Vintage Photos That Will Haunt Your Dreams
two fake flowers with teeth on them sitting on a table next to a window sill
A Look Through iHorror’s Gothic Garden
No tutorial or anything. I thought it might be a cool idea though.
some creepy statues in the grass with captioning that they are going to be epic
I want theses........ok maybe when the girls are older..
a chair that has some kind of food on it
GROSS!! Edinburgh-based artist Jessica Harrison has created a collection of creepy miniature furniture that look like they have been crafted out of human skin and flesh.
an open mouth with teeth and braces attached to it
a little boy sitting in a chair next to a chicken
Retronautic WTF I (more here:
a painting of a white rabbit with its mouth open and it's teeth wide open
René Milot
Creepy carnivore bunny!
a creepy looking stuffed animal sitting on top of a black couch next to a spider
Creepy Doll
an octopus cell phone mounted to the side of a wall with it's mouth open
Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Apple iPhone 6S Case (2015) - Crystal Clear
Freddy Krueger-phone
A child's skull, before their milk teeth fall out. Freaky!!! Weird Facts, Wtf Fun Facts, Fun Facts, Dentist, Fun, Science, Tomy, Dental
A child's skull, before their milk teeth fall out. Freaky!!!
an old man's face is carved into the side of a tree trunk,
October Mischief
spooky treeface!