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Sexy, sexy arms

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Sexy Arms in 6 Weeks If you’re just starting out, aim for two sets of 8 to 12 reps of the heaviest weight you can handle for each exercise. Looking for more of a challenge? Shoot for two sets of 15 to...

how to choose the best running shoes for you. The lacing techniques were new to me!

how to choose the best running shoes for you. The lacing techniques were new to me!

Level three!

The Ultimate Fitblr Resource Blog!

Level 3 Scroll down to find my other levels. Start from level one, it's like a video game! Don't re-blog with negative things. If you disagree, let ME know (;

Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain and Open Tight Hips

Ease Tension in Your Hips and Back in Just 4 Minutes

Get on the floor and do these right now.


One Day Beautiful

I’m just another girl trying to better herself. This is my journal to self-appreciation and...

When to eat, exercise, sleep and why.

How To Lose Weight All Day Long

Work with your body's natural rhythms to vanquish cravings, increase energy, and drop pounds

Couch to 5k! Just what I need!

Couch to 5k! Just what I need!

Dr. Oz's Green Drink   Make the breakfast drink that Dr. Oz swears by! This "green drink" is high in fiber, low-calorie and rich in vitamins.     Ingredients  2 cups spinach  2 cups cucumber  1 head of celery  1/2 inch or teaspoon ginger root  1 bunch parsley  2 apples  Juice of 1 lime  Juice of 1/2 lemon     Directions  Combine all ingredients in a blender. This makes approximately 28-30 ounces, or 3-4 servings.

Dr. Oz's Green Drink

Dr. Oz shares one of his favorite recipes. Jumpstart your mornings with this high-fiber, low-calorie breakfast drink.Makes 3-4 servings (about 28-30 oz)

Food Facts:)

barbellsandbeakers: What do you typically eat? Anonymous Hey! Well, this is going to be interesting and long, so hold on… Breakfast - eggs, egg whites, oatmeal with protein or anything else added into...

Nice blog for fitness motivation #Inspirational_fitness_website

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Fitness & Motivation. 548 likes. It's all about you and what your going to do to be the best you that you can be.