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a woman sitting in front of a computer on top of a desk with words above her
TikTok · Alex | Career Queen
a woman sitting in front of a computer screen with words on it that say i'm a problem solver instead
Fiverr / Search Results for 'Responsive Web Design'
some of the best words literally ever are written in english or german, and also have pictures on them
Some of the best words literally ever: Bamboozled Discombobulated Cattywampus Malarkey Brouhaha Skedaddle Doohickey Persnickety Whatnot Gobsmacked Flibbertigibbet Tenterhooks Poppycock Whippersnapper Flabbergasted Shenanigans Lollygag Kerfuffle Nincompoop Pumpernickel Thingamajig Whatsit Whatchamacallit Flummoxed Dingleberry Gobbledygook Canoodle Codswallop - iFunny
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the master list of physical descriptions
Master List of Physical Description for Writers
MASTER LIST OF PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS...how to describe faces, bodies, & even hair, for writers! #writingtips