Visual Marketing

a woman is holding a paintbrush and painting on a canvas with the words, polish canvass all images with agorapuise
Publish Canva's AI Images Easily With Agorapulse
Could your social media content use a refresh? Want to help your brand stand out in the feed without investing a ton of resources in content creation? With @Canva’s AI toolbox and @Agorapulse integration, you can now create, edit, and publish eye-catching images to your social channels faster than ever.
The Story That Change My Life
I want to share how “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis shaped my understanding of faith 📚✨ Have you revisited Narnia with your kids lately? Let’s chat about the impact of storytelling in your life. Share your story with me! #Narnia #Storytelling #Faith #Christianity #BookLovers #CSLewis #MeaningfulReads #ChristianBooks
an old wooden fence with a fishing net on it and the words, generating leads to pinteres part two
Generating Leads With Pinterest Part II
@scalablesocial is back and ready to unload some more Pinterest knowledge, including a deep dive into the prospect of gender-based Pinterest searching, UTM tracking codes, generating leads on Pinterest for small and non-traditional businesses, and how to actually convert leads on landing pages, among much, much more. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
the logo for creating virtual videos is displayed in front of an old machine with gears
How To Create Viral Video With The DadDudes
The DadDudes share with @jeffsieh the inspiration behind their videos, the most important elements for filming, and the role timing plays when releasing a new video in the hopes it will go viral. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
an old radio with the words, understand pinterest and instagram
Understanding Pinterest and Instagram
This episode @jeffsieh and Instagram expert @jennherman31 talk in-depth about these two visual platforms. They outline the way the two platforms are similar, while also highlighting the ways in which the two are distinctive while giving tips on each. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
an old camera sitting on top of a wooden box with the words instagramm
Instagram For Business
On this episode of the Manly Pinterest Tips Show, @jeffsieh talks with Instagram expert @suebzimmerman about the power of leveraging Instagram for your business. Discussion includes hashtag strategies, video, and much more. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
the title for creating a marketing plan with mike allton, 1917 - 2012 on top of architectural drawings
Creating A Marketing Plan
Mike Alton joins @jeffsieh this week, to remove some of the mystery from marketing on social media. He's got plenty to say about how some of the up and coming changes on Pinterest will revolutionize the way it can be used as a digital marketing tool. He also offers some useful tips on how to get started with a marketing plan, how to track it's success, and how to decide if it needs to be altered. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
a close up of a dart with the words crush it
Crushing It With Consistency
@jeffsieh talks with @rossquintana about how consistency is one of the most important strategies if you want to make connections and develop relationships on social media.
a young boy holding a tin can with the caption engaging your followers with social media
Engaging Your Followers With Social Media
@StoneyCreekSM discusses with @jeffsieh how to engage with your followers on social media, creating content that resonates, and the importance of influencer marketing. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
an advertisement for a store with many different items on it's front and back cover
Running A Successful Etsy Store
@jeffsieh interviews popular Etsy shop owner@justonescarf on how he setup his successful Etsy shop and how he is using Pinterest to drive sales. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
the pinterest and the big game logo is shown in front of a football stadium
Pinterest and The Big Game
On this episode, @jeffsieh talks with @ahalogy's VP of Marketing @ramanx on how the "Big Game" impacts what people are pinning on Pinterest. Raman further provides insights into the value of promoted pins, driving traffic to a Pinterest board or profile, how men are signing up to Pinterest at a larger rate than women, and brands balancing their marketing plan with showing a bit of personality.
an old wooden cabinet with numbers on it and the words google plus written in white
Understanding Google Plus Collections
@QRKim shares with @jeffsieh how Google+ Collections makes it easier for users to zero in on specific topics that interest them and offers her insight into the best ways to build and customize collections, ideas for topics and content, how to create appealing visuals, and even how to use hashtags. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
a poster with the words using pinterest to learn about your customers and community
Using Pinterest To Learn About Your Customers and Community.
@jeffsieh and @MMMSocialMedia discuss topics such as the difference between a personal and a business Pinterest account, how group boards can be useful for creating traffic, and how to use Pinterest analytics to gain valuable information about both customers and competitors. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
a group of penguins standing next to each other in the water with a compass above them
Building A Thriving Online Community
@bizchix talks with @jeffsieh about how she has built a thriving community around her podcast and website. She offers some great tips such as setting rules, guidelines and engagement. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips
an old man and woman are sharing a drink in front of a social sharing sign
Best Practices For Social Sharing
The Social Warfare team offer some great tips on social sharing. Topics include, analytics tracking, click-to-tweets, and the importance of perception. #socialmeda #socialmediamarketing #manlypinteresttips