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i am looking to rehome myself i'm tired of adulting i'm housebroken
two flies flying through the air next to each other and one has an egg in it's mouth
Need a tune up? Acupuncture is just the thing to boost your energy and metabolism, and it has so many other wonderful benefits too! Make an appointment online today!
two brown horses standing next to each other in the desert, one says i can't say i'm entirely pleased with my hip - placement
The Week in Pictures: Trump the Lionhearted Edition
Hip Replacement copy
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two young boys sitting on the back of a pick up truck eating watermelon
a t - shirt that says, college of retirement majoring in quilting
i suffer from ocs d obsesive compulve sewing disorder poster
I Suffer From O.c.s.d. Obsessive Compulsive Sewing Disorder Wall And Art Print | Sewing
an upside down playground with the caption you are a true warrior
19 Photos To Help You Scratch That Nostalgic Itch
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a sign that says, blessed are the quilters for they shall be called preemakers
Blessed are the Quilters for they shall be called Piecemakers. Visit Sunnyside Quilts