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Robert Downey Jr is most definitely the best thing about Zodiac... but Mark Ruffalo is a nice bonus

I wish I could have not only worked for the San Francisco Chronicle during the terrors of the Zodiac but also meet Paul Avery. Robert Downey Jr brought him to the screen for me.

The Best Halloween Movies Streaming Right Now #refinery29  ZodiacWhat Happens: Serial killer taunts the police with cryptic letters and ciphers because it's not enough to just kill a bunch of people.  How Scary Is It: Imagine a really, really long episode of Law & Order: SVU.  Why Should I Watch It: You're into unsolved mysteries and dudes in flared jeans.  Where Can I Find It: Netflix.   Who Do I Watch With: Susan Miller.

'' Zodiac '' Telling the true-life story of the so-called Zodiac killer who terrorised the San Francisco Bay Area in the David Fincher's comeback film stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo as three men obsessed with unmasking him

Below the Line: The Sets of ‘Argo’  | Sharon Seymour, the production designer of “Argo,” discusses her process |

Sharon Seymour, the production designer of “Argo,” discusses her process.

1972 - 1979 AD - Munich

Munich - Publicity still of Eric Bana & Ayelet Zurer. The image measures 1000 * 667 pixels and was added on 7 June


Munich, Steven Spielberg group: "The aim was not so much revenge but mainly to make them [the Palestinian terrorists] frightened. We wanted to make them look over their shoulders and feel that we are upon them.