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a woman in a costume walking on the rocks by the ocean with her hair blowing in the wind
two people dressed as jesus and anub are standing next to each other, one holding a spear
The Menehune of Hawaii – Ancient Race or Fictional Fairytale?
In Hawaiian mythology, the Menehune are said to be an ancient race of people small in stature, who lived in Hawaii before settlers arrived from Polynesia. Many scholars attribute ancient structures fo
a shark with its mouth open in front of a man wearing a cloak and holding a skull
Tattoo Info
Kamohoalii- Hawaiian myth: the shark god. He swam around the main islands. He Would lead lost ships back to land if a priest gave him a narcotic drink. He is thought to be the one who lead the original inhabitants of the island. He could turn into any fish.
Lady, Bollywood, Dance, Hawaiian Woman, Hawaiian Dancers
a woman in a hula skirt and headdress dancing with other women behind her
Heiva I tahiti 2015, Toa'ta
three women in colorful towels are sitting on the grass and facing away from the camera
Шопинг во Французской Полинезии - Modern
Шопинг во Французской Полинезии
a woman with flowers in her hair is wearing a red and white flowered headpiece
Polynesian Beauty. | Women of the World ♀ | Hawaiian woman, Polynesian dance, Tahiti
Polynesian Beauty. | Women of the World ♀ | Pinterest | Ohana ...
a woman in a white dress standing on the beach with her hands up to her chest
a woman with long hair wearing a wreath around her neck and headdress on
a woman is dancing on the beach with grass in her hand and holding flowers up to her chest
aloha www.u-hu.com
a woman with long hair wearing a wreath on her head and holding plants in front of her face
Polynesian Beauty, Gianna Huukena | Marquesas Islands
a woman sitting on the ground in front of palm trees wearing a headband and dress
Tahiti - La féminité Polynésienne... - Figaro Madame
Feminity, tahitian way 2
a woman wearing a flower lei standing on the beach
beautiful wahine
several wooden spoons lined up on a table
Hawaiian Word of the day: hālu’a
an odd looking head made out of clay
'aumakua hulu manu (Hawaiian feathered god image) | Collections Online
FE000325; `aumakua hulu manu Küka`ilimoku (feathered image); 1700s; Hawaiian; Unknown ; view 1
an old photo of a native american man holding a stick
Native series #
a man standing next to a golden statue kissing another man's face with flowers all around him
Image Only - The Hawaiian word for this Polynesian form of greeting is "honi"
there is a statue in front of a building with the words hawaii travel guide on it
King Kamehameha I statue in Oahu, Hawaii
an old black and white photo of various hair brushes
Hawaiian weapons, early 20th century
an assortment of carved wooden sticks on display in a museum setting with stone walls and flooring
Hawaiian tattoos
Hana Hou: The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines - Current Issue #Hawaiiantattoos
an old silver vase sitting on top of a table
an image of a cat head made out of wicker and woven material on a white background
Ancient Hawaiian helmet collected by Freycinet expedition 1819
an image of a wicker basket with wheels on the front and back ends that have been wovened together
Headdress, Hawaiian Archipelago
a wicker hat sitting on top of a glass vase in front of a gray background
Warrior's helmet made by Patrick Horimoto, ca. 1998
an old, rusty metal container sitting on top of a blue cloth
Kau Kau Tin lunch box used by sugar plantation workers
two men are sitting in the grass and one is holding a coffee cup while the other holds a mug
Sugar Plantation workers eating lunch from their Kau Kau Tin