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a poster with a woman's face on it
The largest collection of Polish posters
Polish Poster Artists are so cool.
a black cat wearing a cape and standing in front of a poster with words on it
The largest collection of Polish posters
four different types of posters with red and black designs on them, all in various sizes
Pin by mister kai on Diseño Gráfico | Graphic design inspiration, Graphic design posters, Poster layout
Modulwerk design of Switzerland:
an advertisement for the winter jazz night
Graphic Design image inspiration on Designspiration
an old book cover with blood dripping down the pages and two men standing in front
Persecution 1961
a man with his hands over his face in front of an american flag and symbols
an abstract painting with black, white and red shapes on it's sides that include a man in a hat
Goodbye Kamekura
OJOPIPA STYLE: Goodbye Kamekura
an event poster for the concert with pink and black text, featuring two different styles of hair
There Will Be Quiet
a red fly sitting on top of a black and white circular object with the words mizantrop written below it
Mizantrop posters
Mizantrop posters by kuba kolodziejak, via Behance
an old poster with black and white type on it that says, things thought fluus ed
Fluxus by Yi-Chen Tsai
a red and black poster with white lines on the bottom half of it, in an empty room
Art-Chitecture_003 iPhone4s+SnapSeed+Perspectivecorrect+ImageBlender+iDesign+VSCOcam
Art-Chitecture_003 Copyright 2013 Lynette Jackson Instagram:_lynettejackson
an image of a building that has been altered to look like it is in color
Art-Chitecture_024 union+iDesign+CameraMatic+VSCOcam
Art-Chitecture_024 Copyright 2014 Lynette Jackson Instagram:_lynettejackson