❧ Passive cooling & heating

Passive cooling & heating, unique for such a diagram to include a conservatory area. Indoor gardens, wall gardens, conservatory areas etc have a huge role to play in eco-friendly design.

Site Analysis

Site Analysis: Visualization: Interplay of the building mass and natural features, such as trees, sun path, wind patterns and the form of the land

Selection of colour trees in photoshop for your architectural visuals.! from First In Architecture

Colour photoshop trees

A huge set of colour trees in photoshop finished in different artistic style, showing both summer and autumn colours. These are ready to be dropped directly into your photoshop visuals. // Colour T.

Diseño básico para el aprovechamiento pasivo de la energía solar - diagramas de rendimiento solar (verano | invierno... día | noche)

The basics of passive solar energy heating and cooling. I learned about this in environmental science!

architectural board

2013/4: İÇEBAKAN / Borusan Neşe Fabrikası-Adıyaman/ Yarışma:Eşdeğer Mansiyon Ödülü