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a man in plaid shirt and vest standing next to other people
a cartoon character talking to another character in front of a computer screen with the caption that reads, distance formula
Math meme
Algebra Distance forumla = Pythagorean Theorem
a pie chart with the words how chemical reactions occurred
My relationship with Chemistry
a man sitting in front of two laptops with the caption okay, i've evaluated the interralal what's 21 + 29?
#calculus!!! Bahaha my life!!!
the diagram shows how to draw an upside down object with lines and shapes on it
Putting new meaning into O-chem! Fun with dienes and trienes! #chemistry #organicchemistry #Ochem
the avengers meme is shown with an arrow pointing to them
two cats sitting on the floor in front of a mirror with caption that says, chrommosmes normally during mitotics
an image of the names of different types of people in each language, including letters and numbers
an image of a cartoon character holding a beakle and looking at the chemical model
an image of a man with glasses saying not sure if my hands are getting warmer or just losing feeling in them
21 Things That Anyone Who Took Organic Chemistry Understands
21 Things That Anyone Who Took Organic Chemistry Understands
an animated cartoon with the caption'you guys always act like you're better than me '
I see what you did there Funny Jokes, Pi Jokes, Science Humor Jokes
I see what you did there
two different views of people swimming in the water, and one showing how they are doing something
My dream
the tweet is posted to someone on their facebook page, and it looks like they
Engineering Memes l'Hôpital's LOL