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a cartoon cat sitting on top of a pink couch next to a lamp with caption that reads nobody me answering multiple choice questions in the exam
MCAT Prep Strategy, Videos, Cheat Sheets & More | Leah4Sci
an image of a cartoon character saying i want to finish school but i'm also scared of growing up and entering the real world
Me every single second
an animated cartoon character looking at a piece of paper with the caption when you finally finish your homework at 3 am
When you finally finish your homework at 3am
the frog and kermik are looking at each other with caption that reads me check over your answers before finishing your exam inner me leave it, you wrote what you
ριntєrєѕt: @αlrєadуtαkєnxσ♡
a cartoon character with the caption me 2 seconds into studying my brain focus picks, you've now lost your focus
a tweet that reads if i was accidentally weird to you once just know i will be thinking about it every night for the next 50 years
Soooo me!!
the text reads, you ever had a pen that wrote so smooth you be hype about taking notes
lol yep
an image of cartoon characters with caption that reads, when ur friends don't watch cartoons because they've outgrow them
the tweet is very funny and it looks like she's trying to fix her
an image of a boy in bed with the caption that reads,'me - and - lavender parent when you stop watching cartoons? maybe never maybe i'm'm never going give this up
The bird is tattoo worthy!