Que cosa fuera corazón, que cosa fuera...: Maceta jardinera decorada con mosaiquismo, venecitas + azulejos. 60 cm de largo x 20 cm de alto

Everyone deserves a perfect world!

http://www.jillsmosaicmadness.com <3<3<3

Mosaic chair with long high seat back


Bright Spiral Mosaic Mirror by olveradesign on Etsy

Now this is something that the kids could do. Could be a nice tabletop. Maybe without the stems? Different background glass?

fused glass plate, mod flowers from julie gallery

stained glass mosaic mirror

stained glass mosaic mirror in a funky, do-able design, even if the colours are a bit yuk!

Fused glass flower plate...

Contemporary blooms Floral Colorful fused glass plate/home decor

Fused glass flower plate...

mosaic planter

2 Mosaic Pot_wm – Between Naps on the Porch


Art mosaics things-to-make