A super easy crochet pattern that turns out so cute! It's a free pattern and includes a link to a video tutorial for the stitch used. by nounoune

Oh my - I am SO excited to share this new crocheted blanket cardigan with you today! Of all of the blanket sweaters that I've made, this one is quite poss

crochet edging..just used this on edge of large granny square blanket. Very effective and simple.

How to Finish Crochet Blankets

Bunny Mummy: Double V Edging (UK Treble stitch=USA/Canadian Double crochet stitch plus chains to make the pattern.

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Салфетка 'Ажурные звезды' - Вязание - Страна Мам

Салфетка 'Ажурные звезды' - Вязание - Страна Мам