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a pink t - shirt with the words garfield and a teddy bear hugging each other
Personajes - Pijama de niña rosa Garfield y lunares
Pijama de niña rosa Garfield y lunares
a cartoon cat taking a bath in a blue tub
a drawing of a cat holding onto a balloon with another cat standing next to it
a cartoon cat drinking coffee while sitting on the floor with its paws up and eyes closed
the garfield cat is eating out of his bowl
the simpsons characters are floating on inflatable rafts and having fun at the pool
garfield the cat looking at four turtles in front of him and another turtle behind him
garfield the cat is trying to get out of his bed in the snow while it's raining
♡ exocult
the garfield cat is sitting on the step
garfield and pinky talking to each other