Cardiac Sonography

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common ecg ekg rhythms

Interpret EKGs Strips Like a Boss! |

The ultimate guide to EKG (ECG) interpretation for nurses. Covering atrial & ventricular rhythms as well as blocks from

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Electrolytes and EKG *Keep Calm* .Nurse   On.... and know how hypocalcaemia presents on an EKG!

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EKG Complex

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Diastolic Dysfunction is diagnosed based on Doppler ECHO - Blood flow across the mitral valve occurs in 2 phases: an early transmitral flow (E wave) and a late flow with atrial contraction (A wave). The relative contribution of each is expressed as a ratio (E/A). An E/A ratio less than 0.75 or greater than 1.5 indicates DD.

Cardiac ECHO measurements

Q: We have some Cardiologists who dictate E:A ratio and some who also in the same report say E:A and later E:a, or E/A and E/a. I’ve searched but don’t find anything conclusive as to why anything else would be correct other than E:A or E/A. Could I get some feedback please? Thank you. A: You must work in an ... Read More

Heart Map

Heart Map

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Subcostal view: IVC


Parasternal short axis (mitral valve level)


Infective Endocarditis

What's New | NEJM Resident 360

Diagnosis of endocarditis is usually based on clinical, microbiologic, and echocardiographic findings. Treatment involves antimicrobial therapy targeted to the identified organism. Surgical indications include heart failure, uncontrolled infection, and prevention of embolic events. The latest article in our Clinical Practice series reviews diagnosis and treatment options for infective endocarditis. Infective endocarditis has an estimated annual incidence... Read More...

Echocardiogram of a Patient With Cardiac Tamponade - YouTube


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