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an image of a web page with the words love letters and other things on it
discord role layout
an anime character with black hair is looking at the camera and has his eyes closed
minimal embed layout
an image of a web page with anime characters on it and the caption below
discord embed layout
an image of two anime characters on the same page, one with pink hair and blue eyes
discord roles
some type of pink and white text on a black background, with the word love written in
Discord Tickets Channel Ideas
an image of someone's twitter account on their computer screen, with the caption in spanish
Discord Ideas
an image of a web page with some text on the bottom right corner and two different images above it
discord embed inspo w buttons
made for my priv srvr; some embed inspo with buttons at the bottom <3 himeko#5555
an image of the screen with text and pictures on it
join my disc serv :)
free discord templates, icons, roles, ideas, pfps, banners