recuperando espacios

Stack-able storage! I'm so going to make this out of old soup cans and use at my desk or at the writing center. This would be perfect in the writing center!


easy inexpensive large wall decor ideas on budget. DIY wall decor crafts ideas with tissue roll,fabric, decorative plates and paper


Cardboard Camera Zenite by OupasDesign on Etsy, its good because the hight of the camera is diifererent than most others

Fruit art

Summer time is here. and I know lots of people that have family reunions and BBQ's. why not turn your watermelon into a piece of art! I have no idea how to actually do most of these lol but maybe they'll bring the creative side out in someone else!

Fire art

Take old lighters and upcycle them into cute, tiny motorbikes! Hahahahaha if I ever get my hands on an old lighter I'm making one ^.

Tv art

A funky way to reuse your old TV…not LCD one but very old one…make shelves with them ! DIY: TV Shelf in furniture electronics diy with Television Shelves DIY