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a painting of an open book with a strange face on it's head and legs
Remedios Varo: alquimia y psicoanálisis
a painting of two people sitting at a table
Remedios Varo on X
a painting of a woman on a bicycle
Remedios Varo (3rd Part) (ENGLISH)
an image of a bird with wings on it's head and body, standing in front of a brown background
Remedios Varo, Personaje (1961), private collection, Mexico
a drawing of a person standing on top of a ball with an upside down face
'El otro reloj' (The Other Timepiece) 1957 Remedios Varo
a painting of a creature with horns and wings in the woods next to a tree
Remedios Varo on Twitter
a painting of an owl in the woods with two owls on it's back
Esquiador / Skier
a painting of an angel holding a staff and standing in the middle of a tunnel
La-clef-des-cœurs — Vampiro, Remedios Varo
two cats sitting at a table with food in front of them and one cat standing next to the table
an image of a painting that looks like it is being chased by two men in the cave
The Art of the Surreal Evening Sale
a painting of two people sitting on a bench in front of tall grass and trees
Hacia Acuario / Towards Aquarium
a cat statue sitting on top of a table
Gato helecho. Vanessa Salas Orduño -
an image of two dinosaurs in the woods with trees and water coming out of their mouths
a painting of two people sitting at a table with an upside down clock in the background
Simpatía (la rabia del gato) / Empathy (The cat's fury)
an owl is sitting at a table with two birds on it and another bird standing next to him
Ariel Gore’s School for Wayward Writers