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a glass filled with lemonade and lime slices on top of a table next to potted plants
Drink Mohito (Mojito) - Kulinarne Przeboje
Drink Mohito (Mojito) - KulinarnePrzeboje.pl
a glass filled with ice and limes on top of a wooden table
Mojito - przepis podstawowy - zobacz jak zrobić! - kuchniabazylii.pl
Mojito - przepis podstawowy - zobacz jak zrobić! - kuchniabazylii.pl
Hugo Elderflower Spritz Sharer Recipe | Serves 8 | Cocktail Recipe
Hugo Spritz with Verjus
5min · 1 serving It’s perfect for any summer happy hour or batching for a party. And my secret weapon for spritzes? A little Verjus! It adds a bit of acidity & flavor but not as overpowering as vinegar. Hugo Spritzes are popular in Northern Italy. It features elderflower liqueur with lime & mint and honestly I don’t think there is anything more refreshing. ~~~~~~~~ • Hugo Spritz with Verjus • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ serves 1 • 4oz sparkling wine • 1 oz St. Germain elderflower liqueur • 1 oz sparkling water • 2 Mint sprigs - one for the glass one for garnish • 2 lime slices •My addition: 1/2 oz Verjus- not needed for a Hugo but adds a nice acidity Add ice to a glass and add the mint and lime. Add in all the liquid ingredients and gently stir. Garnish. #hugospritz #summercockta
Hugo Spritz Cocktail
5min · 1 serving Hugo Spritz Cocktail recipe - a refreshing cocktail recipe that will be a favorite for your next at home gathering Ingredients to making a Hugo Spritz - it couldn't be easier! 1½ Oz Elderflower Liqueur 2 Oz Prosecco 2 Oz Soda Water 8-10 Mint Leaves Add ice, Elderflower Liqueur and mint, top with prosecco and soda water, stir and garnish with mint and lime.
two lemons are on the table next to a wine glass
Limoncello Spritz (Best Summer Cocktail)
When life gives you limoncello… Go and make a Limoncello Spritz! The perfect summer cocktail that’s so easy to make and will transport you straight to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast 🍋💚 Full detailed recipe is also on my website lovelies. Cick the link it post, it will take you straight there xxx
two glasses filled with lemonade and ice sitting on top of a marble countertop
14 Limoncello Cocktails
Collection of 14 delicious Limoncello cocktails. Citrus flavored cocktail recipes that are fresh and easy to make. Limoncello spritz, limoncello martini, and many more. You are sure to find a limoncello drink perfect for sipping.
a close up of a drink in a glass on a table with lemons around it
Limoncello Martini
With limoncello, vodka, honey and fresh lemon juice, this limoncello martini is a like drinking lemon candies. #limoncellomartini #lemoncello #martini | chiselandfork.com