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a painting with an image of a train on the tracks in front of a house
a blackboard with the words el tempo no borra, obica written on it
«El tiempo no borra, ubica.» Frase compartida en Pinterest.
“El tiempo no borra, ubica.” Frase compartida en Pinterest. – A partir de una frase
graffiti written on the side of a concrete wall
Frases // Algún día es mucho tiempo.
a sign that is hanging on the side of a wall with some writing on it
Street, Manualidades, Past, Insp, Deco
Hago de mí culo un pito 👏
a bunch of posters on the side of a building
Cali <3
a sign on the side of a building that has been vandalized
several cardboard boxes are stacked on top of each other
Mindfulness, Mantras, Ego, Feel Good
Thoughts, Dice
Oh oh
a piece of paper with words written in spanish and english on the bottom right corner
a white sign with red writing on it that says conco de las reselas no voy a cumplilas
a green refrigerator with writing on it in spanish and latin letters written on the door