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an older woman sitting on a couch in front of a tv with the caption, as soon as the vaga kicks in it's game on
an old man and woman are talking to each other in front of a counter top
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A Bamforth Comic Postcard 1970s THE OLD COCK INN HOTEL HONEYMOON Theme No 592 | eBay
an old man is talking to a woman in front of a desk with drawers and filing cabinets
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Bamforth comic postcard no 688 unused very good
an image of people doing yoga in front of a building with speech bubbles above them
The Bottomline - Comedy Card Company
Yoga - Relax every muscle
a cartoon depicting two men in suits and one is looking at his cell phone while another man
Account Suspended
hahahahh........... imbis kaslun ng facebook na hinu on
the cartoon is telling people how to use their medical instruments and not have any surgical equipment
snip snip lol
a cartoon depicting chickens and cows in an egg inclosure, with the caption'the poor girl is out of eggs '
Even chickens?!?
an image of a man in bed with his dog and cat sleeping on the floor
What a Tail!
a man standing next to a dog in a cage with the words woow your kid is so small
Bekijk onderwerp - grapje van de dag
Funny Pictures of the week -35 pics- Wow Your Kid Is So Small
a comic strip with an image of a man laying in bed and talking to another person
How Do I Look? - Cartoon - Share Its Funny
How Do I Look? - - Funny Cartoons on Share Its Funny #howdoIlookcartoon
a cartoon depicting a man and woman talking to each other in bed, with two speech bubbles above them
an old comic book with a cartoon character talking to a woman
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