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young justice wally and artemis viria

young justice wally and artemis viria. Every time I look at photos or fan art of the two of them I get Sooo sad and I start to remember and tear up!

Wally and Artemis ♥♥ Favorite Spitfire Quote ♥♥

never forget Spitfire early stages. <--- So I've come to understand that the primary Wally/Artemis ship name is Spitfire, though Waltemis is also acceptable.

Reasons To Ship YJ

"Because of an extremely complicated plan that nobody knows about that will get the mountain blown up and possibly kill you." Nightwing, I love you, but in the immortal words of Wally West: "Dude!

Soooo cuteee!

This scene really hurt my heart because Wally loved those things and they weren't "junk" to him. But now that it's Artemis is on the line he would trash everything he loved.

Wally and Artemis. YJ

And just like that he fades to another time, another place. Yellow streaks fade to grey. ~PlethoraOfThoughts(Artemis Crock Wally West Kid Flash Spitfire YJ by Murrmernator