Completely gorgeous!

: use knit n felted leaves to see onto a cowl or shawl.

Instead of tossing those jeans you can no longer wear, create this holder for your iPhone as it charges

Use your old jeans pocket for a cell phone charging holder!just use a phone case that has a strap.

recycled wool

Eco chic: Baa Baa Zuzu's unique, recycled wool clothing and accessories

empty jugs of milk .some scissors . a hole puncher . some yarn .&. crochet a trendy  bag

Reciclado de Botellas Plàsticas a few empty jugs of milk, some scissors, a hole puncher, some thread and a crochet (I wouldn't even use the linen! a trendy crochet bag!


It looks like one of the regional embroidery styles from the Baltic region

Muchas ideas para reciclar tus viejos jeans | Aprender manualidades es

Muchas ideas para reciclar tus viejos jeans

Back to Basics: Rag Quilt


Catalog of mid-price, fairly aggressive fashion for women over 50

Un pantalon reciclado!!! para los jeans que ya no utilizas.

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reciclar ropa paso a paso.

How to make army studded shirt diy studs hm veritas

23 Things to Make With Old T-Shirts

23 Things to Make With Old T-Shirts.I actually saw a few I hadn't seen before.things to do with old t-shirts!