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Crochet circle of choice. Fold over and Crochet closure. Crochet or embroider on beak. Run crochet chain or other string through birds and bells to create hanging.

Estuche de cocodrilo

Mister Snaps - Free Knitting Patterns - Homewares Patterns

Despite his impressive appearance and powerful jaws, Mister Snaps is known up and down the river for being a big softie. Mainly worked in four-row colour stripes, mix and match the colours of Irene Strange& cheeky croc to personalise this

Mantita tierna a Crochet

Mantita tierna a Crochet

Triángulos para Mantita Guirnalda

Check out these lovely crocheted granny triangles. String them together to make a bunting (Attic