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an arrangement of flowers and fruit on a dining room table with candles in the background
You probably saw some sneak peeks of our shooting with @colorsoflove.wedding from last Thursday 🧡 I'm grateful for being invited to do… | Instagram
the table is set with flowers, fruit and wine glasses for an elegant wedding reception
a bouquet of white flowers and green grapes on a marble table with limes next to it
an arrangement of oranges and lemons is on display in the grass next to two white pedestals
the table is set up with flowers and greenery for an outdoor dinner or party
an arrangement of flowers and fruit on a white table cloth with a brown paper bag
there are lemons on the table ready to be served
a man wearing a suit and tie with flowers on it's lapel pin
an arrangement of flowers and plants in a white vase
the table is set with books, flowers and other things to decorate it for an event
Свадебные композиции. Цветы на свадьбу. Зеленая свадьба. Свадьба в зеленом цвете. Садовый стиль.