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there are many different types of pastries on display
Morning vibes 🥐 Diana Atli @dianaatli
there are many croissants with different toppings on them
New-York Roll Citron Meringué
Pistachio Croissants
Get ready to fall head over heels for our newest crush – pistachio croissants! They're a breeze to whip up at home. The pistachio buttercream is aboslutely devine. Dive into this pistachio deliciousness with our quick and easy recipe. Ingredients: 3 croissants 150g Pistachios 75g Butter, softened 75g Whitworths Icing Sugar 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract ½ Egg 1 Heaped Spoon Cornflour ¼ Tsp Salt Dash of Milk Chopped Pistachios and Whitworths Icing Sugar for dusting
the pastry is covered with green icing and pistachio croissants
there are many croissants and pastries on display
любимое такое
there are many different types of pastries on display
Pierre Saucès’s Instagram video: “Buffet de fin de formation réalisé sur 2 jours, avec uniquement les produits des étudiants !! 🥖🥐 수강생분들께서 이틀동안 만든 제품으로만 구성된 수료식 테이블 !! 🥖🥐…”
a display case filled with lots of different types of pastries on top of glass
bakery - paris - aesthetic
there are many different kinds of donuts on display
an assortment of pastries on display in a bakery
NY Style BAGELS homemade
Raspberry Pastry Baskets Dessert