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Project Knowledge on Instagram: “"Sky caves of Nepal ,Their purpose build date & builders are unknown #knowledge #project_knowledge #megaliths #ancienttechnology #mayan…”

671 Likes, 5 Comments - Project Knowledge (@project.knowledge) on Instagram: “"Sky caves of Nepal ,Their purpose build date & builders are unknown #knowledge #project_knowledge…”

ProjectKnowledge on Instagram: “Repost @project_knowledge "The infamous Gobekli Tepe #knowledge #project_knowledge #megaliths #ancienttechnology #mayan #megalithic #space…”

581 Likes, 6 Comments - ProjectKnowledge (@project.knowledge) on Instagram: “Repost @project_knowledge "The infamous Gobekli Tepe #knowledge #project_knowledge #megaliths…”

These are the stairs in the Palace of Knossos. It was built 4000 years ago, making it the oldest palace in Europe. - post

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Lost City of the Giants | How Big Is Petra?

Petra, Jordan, is a lost city that feels like it was built for giants. How big is Petra? Absolutely enormous.

This Ancient Citadel Looks Like a Giant Sandcastle

After being devastated by an earthquake in 2003, Iran's earthen city is being restored to its former glory.

Megaliths of Ahu Vinapu, Easter Island, Polynesia

Ahu Vinapu is an archaeological site on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) in Eastern Polynesia. While it is true that the moai are quintessential archaeological symbols, in Vinapu you can find a magnificent example of the building and carving techniques that were developed for the construction of the ahu or platforms. This displays a way of working the stone that doesn’t exist in anywhere else in Polynesia and that has given rise to many theories about the origins of the island’s population that…

20 Glorious Facts About Some Of the Oldest Cities of the World | Fact Republic

1. The ancient city of Jericho (currently in Palestine) is the world’s oldest walled city, with evidence of stone fortifications dating back nearly 9,000 years. Archaeological digs have turned up traces of habitation that are even older up to 11,000 years ago.

Megalithic Temples of Malta - Who built the stone temples of Malta and Gozo?

The megalithic temples of Malta, are thought to be the oldest temples in the world. But who built the megalithic temples and why?

Climbing Around Pisac Ruins

Nestled in the Sacred Valley is the ancient town of Pisac. Pisac is a favorite stop among international visitors with a vibrant market filled with textiles and other Peruvian goods for purchase. Ta…

Porthole stone found in situ in a wall in a deep sounding to the north of Enclosure B (Photo: N. Becker, copyright DAI).

Enclosure B, a short overview

Second in our series of short overviews of the architecture of Göbekli Tepe’s older layer comes Enclosure B – which also was the second structure discovered during excavations. The grou…

The remains of a 200,000 year old advanced civilization found in Africa

The incredible discovery was made in South Africa, around 150 km west of port Maputo. There, we find the remains of a huge metropolis that measures, according to tests, around 1500 square kilometer…

The Urartu: Ancient People of the Armenian Plateau

Asia Minor, Anatolia, the Armenian Plateau Standing atop a long, rugged, windswept hill, resting gently over the borax-laden Lake Van, sets the crumbling ramparts of the Urartian capital city of Tushpa. From a splendor that swirls the mindseye,...

Ollantaytambo like you've never seen it before: 50 images that will make your jaw drop | Ancient Code

As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites.Ollantaytambo is without a doubt one of the most amazing places on Earth. Shrouded in mystery, experts are unable to explain how ancient cultures built this megalithic site...

Vilcabamba: The 'lost' MEGALITHIC city of the Inca | Ancient Code

Vilcabamba: The 'lost' megalithic city of the Inca | Ancient Code

Vilcabamba: The 'lost' MEGALITHIC city of the Inca | Ancient Code

The Site

The mound of Göbekli Tepe is situated a few kilometres to the northeast of the modern town of Şanlıurfa in southeastern Turkey. The tell is situated on the highest point of the Germus mountain range towering 750 m above the Harran plain. With a height of 15 m, the mound, which is completely artificial, is…