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a poster with an image of a boy holding his hands in front of him and the words, no estoy me compre un desierto y me fua barrelo
Mafalda | Mafalda Frases, Frases Hilarantes, Chistes De 218
a woman standing in front of a dark background with the words meluna on it
Anniken Hg on Twitter
a hand with writing on it that says con las ventticas se puede legale my letos
muhimu on Twitter
a wolf with its mouth open and the caption's in spanish above it
MEMES - Reflecciones 5
a road with trees in the background and text that reads, nunca me substimes
cuestión de fé, cuestión de amor...
a brick wall with a quote on it that says, cuanco alguien ha
cuestión de fé, cuestión de amor...
a black and white photo with the words yo no soy cruel, he aprenddo a usar mas el cerebro y menos el coran
cuestión de fé, cuestión de amor...
the words are written in blue and white
amistades-peligrosas-toxicas-falsas-frases-amigos-cortas-largas-verdadera-distancia-hipocritas-17 |
Idol, Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie Harley, Harly Quinn, Memes In Real Life, Harley Quin
frases harley quiin - frases harley
an empty road with the words unhombre since no te menta unhombre intelente, no te perdera un hombre de vera no te decorara
Un HOMBRE sincero, no te mentira. Un HOMBRE inteligente, no te perderá. Un HOMBRE de verdad, no te decepcionará - Imágenes con frases para facebook. Frases unicas, frases con imagenes, frases one piece
a black and white photo with the words, ignorar es una forma de
Ignorar es una forma de matar pero sin ensuciarte las manos – @Candidman
a black and white photo with the words el mayor placer de una persona intelente
the words are written in black and white
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a black background with white writing on it and the words in spanish are written below