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I've tried a range of exercise & fitness programs in my 10+ years in the gym and want to share the valuable lessons and mistakes I've made along the way. My…
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How I do my Quad Focussed Leg Day!
Quad focussed leg day! From start to finish! What I do works for me to help reduce pain in my knees/back while increasing flexibility!
Great Deadlift Form!
My deadlift form after taking a 6 month break from heavy weight!
Leg Workout Secret! SHH!
Big breath and bracing your core while allow you to lift more in a safe manner! Follow for more tips!
Things I wish I knew in the gym!
Time under tension is KEY for muscle growth! Sets of 40-60 seconds are the goal! Follow for more!
Leg Day Workout, Save 4 Later!
Here are 3 exercises for you next legday! These are quad specific! I'm never going back with these!
Form over Ego everyday of the week!
I pride myself on not being stupid and lifting weights which are dangerous, I always put form first! Follow for more useful workout tips!
Common warm up mistake!
Don't spend your valuable time on the cardio machine before you workout! Use that energy FOR the workout and do your cardio at the end!
Grow your legs with this secret!
If you're not finishing the set with the "What the h3ll am I doing?!" face then you're not working hard enough sorry!
Try this leg SUPER SET!
This will absolute ROCK your quads and give you big strong legs! Always make sure you warm up and do mobility exercises prior to this!
How to gain upper back muscles!
T bar rows are AMAZING! I do them slow and controlled so I can feel my back working! Follow for more exercise tips!
Gym = Therapy right?
Deadset would be a little off the deep end without my weekly gym routine! It's such a great part of my life that I am hella passionate about! Follow my TT for more!
Train legs before everything else!
Keeping it simple, you'll gain more muscle overall by training legs at the start of your gym week! Follow for more scientifically backed training tips!
I used to work at a gym and caught someone eating a PIZZA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEIGHTS AREA!
Leg workout ideas!
This workout is heavy and requires both legs at all times! Great way to start the week!