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3D printers are becoming more and more accessible to the common crafter, DIYer, and maker. They are often in local libraries and you can even have 3D prints you create online sent directly to your doorstep! Go ahead - make something in 3D! If you need some help getting started we have a class for Easy 3D Printing: https://www.instructables.com/class/Easy-3D-Printing/

This 3D printed bulb, which can be temporarily attached to the light on the back of your smart phone with velcro, transforms your cell into a lamp. #Instructables #3Dprint #lighting #office #home

Turn Your Phone Into a Lamp With a 3D Printed Bulb

Turn Your Phone Into a Lamp With a 3D Printed Bulb: We all carry around a mini torch with us these days in the form of our phones. But the light is very bright and focussed which isn't always what you need. So I wanted to try and turn it into a lamp.The idea was a bulb shape which you could put ove...

This is a simple, cheap, and loud low filament alarm you can add to bottom up filament feed direction 3D printers.  #Instructables #Fusion360 #3Dprint #accessory

Extremely Loud Low Filament Alarm

Extremely Loud Low Filament Alarm: A simple, cheap ($16), and LOUD, low filament alarm for bottom up filament feed direction 3D printers.This is an entry in the Rainbow Contest. Please vote if you like it. Thanks!PROJECT SUMMARY: This alarm attaches to a FDM 3D printer's filament l...

Put together a variety of everyday carry (EDC) items that can fit on your keychain from 3D printed or scrap parts. #Instructables #3Dprint #Fusion360 #tools #workshop

EDC on a Keychain

EDC on a Key Chain, 3 Parts…: I've made my pockets my tiny workshop. In this instructable, I'll show you how I populated my pocket-sized workshop. And hopefully inspire more ideas for what can be added to your own key chain.Welcome to the wonderful world of EDC, Every Day Carr...

This is a water bottle rocket launcher is built from 3D printed parts and PVC tubes. Great for kids, teachers, and beginner water rocketeers. #Instructables #3Dprint #education #activity #summer Bottle Rocket Launcher, Pvc Tube, Local Library, 3d Printer, Get Started, Middle School, Water Bottle, Printing, Teacher

3D Printed Bottle Rocket Launcher

3D Printed Bottle Rocket Launcher: This is a water bottle rocket launcher built from 3D printed parts and PVC tubes. It's potentially useful for kids, teachers, and beginner water rocketeers (like myself). There are many water rocket launchers available. This particular launcher dr...

Hack a BIC pen with various 3D printed attachments that can allow you to do a variety of things including a caliper, a center finder, and a stylus.  #Instructables #3Dprint #tools #upcycle #workshop 3d Printer Designs, 3d Printer Projects, Projects To Try, Stained Glass Patterns Free, Bic Pens, Diy Tech, Truck Camping, Tool Sheds, Truck Bed

Hack a BIC Pen

Hack a BIC Pen!: This is my first instructable so I hope you guys like it!As a Mechanical Engineer and Product Designer, I always get the best ideas when I am out and about; with none of my tools or gadgets near me. As such, the idea for this instructable comes fr...

This small 3D printed credit card-sized game board has 4 games in one: Chess, Ludo, Slide Puzzle, and Maze. #Instructables #3Dprint #toy #Fusion360 #portable Fusion 360, Arduino Projects, Card Sizes, Chess, Maze, Gabriel, 3d Printer, Board Games, Puzzle

4 in 1 Credit Card Games

4 in 1 CREDIT CARD GAMES: I think we all know the meaning of pocket (wikipedia and others):“a small bag sewn into or on clothing so as to form part of it, used for carrying small articles”.“a shaped piece of fabric attached inside or outside a garment and forming a pouch u...

Build a 3D printed omni-directional wheel for use as a fidget toy or as an omniwheel. #Instructables #3dprint #mechanism Fidget Toys, Arduino, Bracelet Watch, 3d Printing, Printed, Diy And Crafts, Watch

3D Printed Omni-Directional Wheel / Fidget Toy

3D Printed Omni-Drectional Wheel / Fidget Toy: This instructable will show you how to go about building an omni-directional wheel for use as a fidget toy or as an omniwheel.

Use 3D modeling and printing to create custom figurines and action figures.  #Instructables #3Dprint #toy #comics #collectables 3d Modeling, Your Favorite, Action Figures, 3d Printing, Toy, Comics, Create, Prints, Projects

Custom Figurines: the Easiest Way to Model Your Favorite Characters

Custom Figurines: the Easiest Way to Model Your Favorite Characters: Comic figurines are awesome. They provide dramatic, cinematic portrayals of characters that are usually rendered in simple lines and colors. Especially for obscure characters who get fewer opportunities for live-action adaptation (and less merchan...

Learn how you can create big finished 3D prints on a small printer.  #Instructables #3Dprint #slicer #3Ddesign #3DBuilder Small 3d Printer, Tree Support, How To Split, Local Library, Big Design, Chest Piece, 3d Printing, Honda, Creativity

Use a Small Printer to Print BIG Designs

Use a Small Printer to Print BIG Stuff: Have you ever had the problem where you really want to print something relatively large, but you only have a small printer. Have no fear! Mr. Incredible is here! In this instructable I will be showing you how to split a model of any size into piec...

This giant CFL light is made out of 3D printed parts that have an LED strip threaded through it.  #INstructables #3Dprint #lighting Flexible Tubing, Tree Support, Easy Crochet Hat, Electronics Projects, Led Strip, Strip Lighting, Things To Think About, 3d Printing, Bulb

Giant CFL Light

Giant CFL Light : This project stems from my love of the bare-bulb trend in home decor and my love of oversized things. The result is almost a caricature of a lamp. I really love the look and lines of regular or Edison-bulbs, as do a lot of people, and I think it i...

Build a 3D printed RC car modeled after the Back to the Future Delorean DMC-12/BTTF time machine.  #Instructables #toy #model #3Dprint #Fusion360 Delorean Time Machine, The Time Machine, Fusion 360, Bttf, Outdoor Activities For Kids, Rear Differential, Teacher Notes, Weird Cars, 3d Prints

Delorean DMC-12/BTTF Time Machine 3D Printed RC Car

Delorean DMC-12/BTTF Time Machine 3D Printed RC Car: Almost everyone loves Back to The Future and the Delorean Time Machine. It earned a place in my heart the moment it ran over McFly's trash cans. When Doc Brown refueled the Mr. Fusion reactor before he, Marty, and Jennifer jumped in and took flig...

This 3D printed Clackers toy is modeled after a popular toy of the 1960s and 70s of 2 hard plastic balls attached by a sturdy string. You swing them so they clack back and forth.  #Instructables #3Dprint #game #vintage #retro Silly Hats, Acrylic Plastic, Popular Toys, Balls, 1960s, 3d Printing, Printed, Game, Retro

3D Print Clackers Toy

Clackers: the Toy of Doom: Things were so much interesting when toys were dangerous, right?Wait, what?Clackers were toys popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They are formed out of two hard plastic balls, each about 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter, attached to a tab with ...

This articulated tripod using 3D printed joints and wooden dowels. #Instructables #3Dprint #photography #hyperboloid #Fusion360 Fusion 360, 3d Printing Diy, Tripod, 3d Printer, Cnc, Fun Crafts, Manual, Diy Ideas, Audio

3D Printed Articulated Tripod

3D Printed Articulated Tripod: For today's project, I put together several unique techniques and mechanisms into one miniature articulated tripod. These are all original ideas and I am excited to present them to you. The tripod consists of three sections; hyperboloid ring, arti...

3D printed Bluetooth Scout II model.  #Instructables #electronics #technology #3Dprint #Tinkercad Dremel Idea Builder, Call Of Duty Cakes, Love You Sis, Local Library, Teacher Notes, Rare Earth Magnets, Two Brothers, 3d Projects, Plastic Models

Bluetooth Scout

Bluetooth Scout II: This 3D project is a collaboration of two brothers. We started on our Instructables journey together over 5 years ago with “From Idea to Production - Cryptex”; https://www.instructables.com/id/From-IDEA-to-PROD... and combined we now have over 20...

Learn how you can 3D print and shape orthotic shoes for a tiny dog. #Instructables #3Dprint #pet #health #splint Velcro Tape, Tiny Dog, 9 Month Olds, Cnc Projects, Dog Things, Happy Puppy, Partners In Crime, Pet Health, How To Get Money

3D Printed Orthotic Shoes for a Tiny Dog

3D Printed Orthotic Shoes for a Tiny Dog: This is Lucifur (the Lord of Barkness). She is my best friend, partner in crime, and constant companion. I’ve had her for 11 years, since I first got her at just 9 months old. She was supposed to be a foster but once I saw that derpy smile, I kne...

This 3D printed hands-free door attachment allows you to turn your deadbolt with your forearm.  #Instructables #3Dprint #assistive #health #home Deadbolt Lock, Air Rifle, Useful Life Hacks, Mold Making, Built Ins, 3d Printer, Cnc, Printing, Hands

Hands-free Forearm Deadbolt Turn

Hands-free Forearm Deadbolt Turn: Deadbolt locks are another door feature that require hands to operate. This project log discusses a 3D printed hack that allows you to turn the deadbolt lever with your forearm. This design was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Any o...