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Clingy (v2) by cartoonjunkie

Headcanon: Mark only calls Jack by his real name when in intimate situations ♥


<credit to the artist-cartoonjunkie> Septiplier away!

Narkiplier HackSepticEye Sketches by cartoonjunkie

The Narkiplier and HackSepticEye AU/concept is very similar to the movie PointBreak, so if you're interested in writing some fan fics please use that as an example <<< awesome fanart


SEPTIPLIER ANIMATION by cartoonjunkie <<< At first I was like: What. Then I just started smiling and every one around me was just like: Dude, Wtf is wrong with you?

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by cartoonjunkie on DeviantArt *cough cough* They are making funny faces, um yeah. They weren't caught making out or anything. I should not be posting this, people I know IRL probably can see this.

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Though we know Mark is a giant egotistical show off every single day of the week, I like the idea that Mark becomes a nervous wreak around Jack. And Jack is just an oblivious bottom who doesn't r.