Buenos Aires, Argentina - The world's widest avenue

Buenos Aires - Argentina - loved the working environment.always time to chat, 2 hour lunches, dinner at a pub and watched a soccer march between brazil and Argentina and I thought the Super Bowl Sunday was an event!

Buenos Aires, Argentina...The architecture there is fantastic! It is called the "Paris" of South America...

Vieja esquina en San Antonio de Areco, Argentina, by Fernando Rey been here.

Buenos Aires...dying to see Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina - Buenos Aires is often called the Paris of South America. From the wide avenues of downtown to the colorful homes and tango clubs of Barrio La Boca, Buenos Aires is a place to savor.

San Telmo’s Sunday Antiques Market - A must visit....especially on Sunday. (Shopping/San Telmo/Buenos Aires)

San Telmo's Sunday Antiques Market

Wander the streets of quaint San Telmo - The barrio of San Telmo exudes faded grandeur and bohemian spirit. This was one of the best experience while visiting Argentina.

♥♥♥ Glaciar Perito Moreno - El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina.

Trekking on Ice An expedition atop Perito Moreno glacier, in El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentine.

The South American Paris, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Villa del Parque neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its name translates as Village of the Park and was derived from its earliest beginnings, when several haciendas were all that existed, alongside a growing agricultural park.

Amazing Patagonia

Patagonia - region located at the Southern end of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile