Freezing carrots

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How to Dice and Freeze Bell Peppers

Use these tips for How to Dice and Freeze Bell Peppers to quickly and easily dice peppers in bulk. Then freeze peppers in usable portions for future use.

How to Freeze {and Thaw} Homemade Pizza Dough

Freezer cooking is SO easy with this tutorial on how to freeze pizza dough. Make a couple batches on the weekend, freeze, and enjoy on a busy weeknight!

How to Properly Freeze Food

How to freeze food to keep it fresh the longest, how to thaw foods safely and what foods are NOT freezer friendly!

Step-by-Step Guide: Freeze Fresh Cabbage Heads » Family Growing Pains

Do you have cabbage in your garden you need to preserve? Instead of trying to cook it all now, learn how to freeze fresh cabbage heads. It's easy!

A Complete Guide to Freezing Produce | Living Well | Design Mom

Freezing produce for smoothies isn't hard at all, you just need some simple equipment and these easy, no-fail instructions. Click here now for the complete guide from top lifestyle blogger, Design Mom!

Save time and money with these essential tips for maximizing your freezer use

Freezer Vegetables

I am a soup gal. Some of you regular readers may have noticed that last year. If you are a new reader to my blog, you will start to take notice real soon since soup

Chicken and Veggie Freezer Packs

Chicken and veggies marinated with olive oil, herbs, and spices and packed in zipper bags. These easy to pack bags make it super easy to cook lunch or dinner in

Blanching & Freezing Carrots

Blanching is such a scary word, an intimidating word, but really when it comes to carrots it just means boiling. Whew! Boiling is much less intimidating than blanching, who doesn't know how to boil water? I think anyone over the age of 10 can handle it. You may be thinking, Why must I blanch? Can't…

6 Best Meal Planning Tips and Tricks for Feeding 2 people. - Meal Planning Mommies

These six meal planning tips and tricks will save you time, money, and frustration when trying to meal plan for two people!

The Easiest Way to Freeze Mashed Potatoes - With Video Instructions!

25 reviews
25 minutes

This homemade mashed potatoes recipe is perfect for for eating fresh, or for freezing in individual portions or in family sized containers!

Freezing Tomatoes the Easy Way!

Freezing tomatoes the easy way involves no skinning or canning! Great time saver and it saves all the nutrients, too! Easy to add to your recipes! Try it!

Freezing Lemons and Using Frozen Lemons - whole, slices, juice, and zest | SchneiderPeeps

Freezing lemons is the easiet way to preserve lemons for the year. Learn how to freeze lemons whole, slices, juice, and zest and how to use frozen lemons.

Putting up Green Beans for Winter | Heavenly Homemakers

This was originally posted in 2008. This is evident in the fact that Justus and Elias are only 8 and 6 in the picture below. They are now 14 and 12. Time flies – and little boys become teenagers. The green bean freezer method is still the same, however. Since we have been harvesting many the past few […]

How To Easily Freeze Spinach - A Great Way To Preserve Fresh Spinach

If you rely on frozen spinach boxes in the middle of winter for your dips, soups and casseroles,see how to freeze spinach from your own summer harvest!.

How I Freeze Zucchini – Kevin Lee Jacobs

ZUCCHINI is probably the easiest of all vegetables to store for winter use. Just shred it, salt it, squeeze it, and bag it. The "squeezing" step is especially important if you want super-flavorful squash for breads and cakes, not to mention the most delicious zucchini fritters in the world. I'll write about those fab fritters next week (done!). Meanwhile, here's my zucchini freezing guide, which works for yellow squash, too: