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an orange and white dessert in a glass bowl with whipped cream on top, sitting on a table
Healthy 'Candy Corn' Fruit Cups: layer pineapple chunks & mandarin oranges, then top with whipped cream :)
Candy Corn makeup!
Candy Corn makeup!
instructions to make a diy halloween yarn wreath
Craft Your Own DIY Halloween Wreath Tutorial
the instructions for how to make candy corn pinatas with paper plates and forks
Evite Blog - Party Ideas, Planning Tips, DIYs & More | Evite
This diy candy corn pinata for halloween is sure to be a smash at your party! Make sure to watch the video tutorial for this project as well.
two mason jars filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pumpkin | The official home for all things Disney
Candy Corn Cake in a Jar. must feature on my article "Recipes for a Candy Corn Halloween" on Squidoo
an image of cupcakes with orange and yellow frosting on them, taken from instagram
Candy corn cupcakes
Candy corn cupcakes