How to make rainbow pom poms (tutorial) i have no idea how they stick together? ahhh i found a new hobby making pom poms!

Materiales:Cucharas de plástico,Pinturas,flores pequeñas y cinta verde.

Руки не для скуки

Crocuses man-made. Look at the beauty of what you can do with your hands. We just need a little time and effort

Crochet Reversible Feathers Free Pattern Video -Crochet Dream Catcher Free Patterns

Crochet DreamCatcher & SunCatcher Free Patterns

Hermoso mural a crochet

Cross stitch covered walls by Raquel Rodrigo

God's Eyes, Huichol art. Mexican. #ojos de dios

Cultural symbol made by the Huichols Indians of Mexico. The four points represent earth, fire, air and water, and provided God's watched eye over their people.

Sunburst Granny Hearts - for window valance

**goes to ravelry page w/lots of hearts, but not this pic?** Sunburst Granny Hearts - for window valance

HOW TO: Scarf Turban

15 Maneras que no imaginabas de llevar puesta una bufanda

First you fold a square scarf into a triangle. Next you place the middle triangle on the top of your head. After that you take the two corners on each side and overlap them. The fourth step is twisting them together. The last step is pulling them back beh

Imagine leaving your home in the morning and discovering that your entire wall is covered in floral cross stitching. That would soooo make my day!

Cross stitch covered walls by Raquel Rodrigo