This lesson on dental health/the importance of flossing is great for Kindergarteners ...and yes those ARE mini-marshmallows!

Dental Health Activity includes super cute mouth created with mini marshmallows, and green yarn. The writing activity could easily be turned into a persuasive writing about why we should take care of our teeth or a How To take care of our teeth writing.

Attention Tooth Fairy: Here's an adorable and FREE invoice kit for your travels! ;) #printables #howdoesshe

Free tooth fairy printables: Invoice/letter, envelope, and bonus tooth pouch sewing pattern. This is super cute. Emma has been asking about the tooth fairy a lot

Dental Health Poster {FREE}

Powers of 10 Math Face Off 5.NBT.2

PLEASE RATE ME. Display this vibrant poster to encourage Dental Health in your classroom. Print on by 14 paper and enjoy!

Love your teeth!

Rather than giving your students chocolate for Valentine's Day, I like this idea to give them a "Sweet Tooth (Tooth brush) Valentine!" I'm sure the parents of your students will think that this is a "sweet" idea! For the ymca kids

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Your kids will love one of those adorable Tooth Fairy Craft Ideas. Make sure to check out these Tooth Fairy Craft Ideas for Tooth Fairy day.