Fall bulbs

Collection by Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller
Bantam daffodil, 1950 oldhousegardens.com; Late, RHS AGM-winner

Heirloom Daffodil Bulbs

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April Queen daffodil, 1938 oldhousegardens.com. Very long lasting. Mid. 16"-18"

Heirloom Daffodil Bulbs

A photograph of the the spring flowering Allium Bulbs cultivar "Allium Moly"

Allium Bulbs | Item # 6027 Moly | For Sale - Colorblends®

Moly has two-inch heads of sunny yellow flowers that brighten the garden at the tail end of spring. Foliage is a handsome blue-green. Plant Allium moly in bunches between perennials and shrubs for a golden summer send-off.

Spring is in Bloom at Keukenhof in Holland - Longfield Gardens

Spring is in Bloom at Keukenhof in Holland - Longfield Gardens

The world's largest and most colorful flower garden is open for just 8 weeks each spring. See what was in bloom at this year's Keukenhof garden in Holland.

Brilliancy daffodil, 1906 oldhousegardens.com

Daffodils: Lost Forever?

Possible choice for west slope in Welcome Garden. Daffodil Barrett Browning; no other early daffodil has color combination this striking.

Daffodil Bulbs | Item # 3052 Barrett Browning | For Sale - Colorblends®

The petals are pure white, the cups a rich orange-red. Barrett Browning is very free-flowering and early, and one of the best for naturalizing...

Tulip Bulbs Sherbet- possibility for Welcome sign bed

Tulip Bulbs | Item # 1421 Sherbet | For Sale - Colorblends®

Soft violet-mauve makes a delicious pairing with a pearly pink that gradually turns to apricot. When the sun hits a Sherbet, it becomes even sweeter. Introduced 2002

Salmon Parrot tulip

Tulip Festival

Spring is here in the Pacific North West, Randall took me to the Tulip Festival, it was beautiful. Me with some nice large Salmon Impression tulips. Randall with the Orange Queens... we thought it was funny. Golden Parade Tulips Rococo Tulips, which I have to say are aptly named. Salmon Parrot Tulips Casablanca Tulips Holland America Tulips, they are very tall and very red. Orange Juice Tulips, it was a cute name. Randall ducking down near some Holland America. I can't remember what these…

A photograph of the the spring flowering Allium Bulbs cultivar "Allium Schubertii"

Allium Bulbs | Item # 6025 Schubertii | For Sale - Colorblends®

This intriguing allium draws the eye with its arresting, almost primordial look. Schubertii bears huge (10- to 12-inch) spidery heads of rosy flowers. A real conversation piece in the garden and in arrangements.

A photograph of the the spring flowering Allium Bulbs cultivar "Allium Unifolium"

Allium Bulbs | Item # 6029 Unifolium | For Sale - Colorblends®

Loose heads of lavender-pink flowers touched with white. Unifolium is a lovely gem for the flower or herb garden. This plant is edible. The young foliage can be used in place of chives. Native Americans in California and Oregon ate the bulbs.

Tulip Bulbs Les Colettes

Tulip Bulbs | Item # 1440 Les Colettes | For Sale

Multiflowered tulips are prized by florists because each stem is a bouquet. But these prolific bloomers also work wonders in the landscape, where they form a sh